About Hanxin

Adult gaming entertainment is big business, as stressed out business people and overworked factory staff search for an outlet to relieve that stress. One of the purest forms of adult entertainment is casino gambling and we at, Hanxin Industry Co., Ltd. (Macao), commonly referred to as Hanxin, know this all too well. In order to make sure adults are not disappointed with their casino experience Hanxin supplies high-tech premium gaming equipment, custom tokens, custom gambling tables, proper solutions for casinos and gaming supplies. We are a professional manufacturer, of these products and focus heavily on research and development in order to create a better feel, visual appearance and high security!

Hanxin got its start over a decade ago in 2005, and in that time our products and production process have evolved to an optimal level. With an excellent logistical location headquartered at Fumun, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, we are able to save on shipping costs and time and easily obtain raw materials. Our manufacturing plant covers an area of 58,000 square meters and staffed with almost one hundred employees. Hanxin has sold its gambling equipment and gaming supplies to more than 40 countries abroad. Meanwhile, we have also provided custom products and customer services for more than two hundred gambling clubs and many institutions in Macao, known for its gambling industry.