Casino token and poker chips

Hello, everyone, I would like to introduce our five casino token poker chips to you. These products are all developed and manufactured by Hanxin. The first is a clay poker chip or token, although soon these will be phased out by the gaming industry as technology and client requirements are improved. The second type is an ABS poker chips and token. It undergoes injection molding, and the mold’s shape and dimension could be customized. In the middle part of the ABS poker chips and token, there is an anti-fake sticker. In addition, ABS poker chips always add an iron or copper sheet inside, which helps to achieve different weights. The design creates a pleasing feeling in the hand. The third type is an RFID casino chip. They have an in-house developed RFID (Radio-frequency identification) microchip, which is recorded with a custom serial number, allowing effective tracking of the casino chips. The design provides much convenience for daily casino management. The fourth type is ceramic chip and token, which allows direct printing on its surface. Thus, it allows for a decreased molding cost and easy manufacturing. The last one is crystal poker chip, also known as acrylic casino poker chip. It could be either a square shape or round shape. Ordinary acrylic casino poker chips are of three-layer structure, but some are also of a five-layer structure. If required, we can provide a custom number of layers. Normally, we install a self-designed shell effect plate inside our poker chips for VIP rooms, which is more luxurious. These are available to all clients, upon request.