Hanxin organized our production line so that it runs very effectively. This line is composed of a molding workshop, machining workshop, labeling workshop, packaging workshop and woodworking workshop. Every production process in the molding workshop, from drawing checking, mold core processing, electrode machining, mold checking, warehouse inbound and outbound, is carried out under uniform standards and professional expertise.

The machining workshop is equipped with eight injection molding machines for clay’s molding and ABS poker chips and tokens’ molding, two horizontal injection molding machines for the production of acrylic casino poker chips, and three CNC lathes for the polishing and grinding of poker chips and tokens. With this equipment, a high monthly manufacturing capacity of 200,000 poker chips and tokens is easily satisfied. In addition, in this workshop, all the machining is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of orders. As an optional feature, our laser marking machine could be used to mark our poker chips and tokens with a serial number, which helps to prevent forgery. Additionally, in this workshop, a signal checking test of our RFID casino chips is conducted utilizing induction tools, which were fully developed by Hanxin. The process aptly ensures that the casino chips are very secure. At last, casino token poker chips will be sent to packaging workshop for labeling, appearance and burr detectio.

Qualified poker chips are packaged for delivery.

Additionally, Hanxin also operates a large-scale poker table manufacturing workshop, covering an area of 8,000 square meters. The manufacturing workshop provides a monthly production of 100 to 200 tables. This work center is equipped with a plate cutting machine and CNC cutting machine, which are responsible for plates’ pre-treatment. After that, the plate’s grinding, assembly and coating, table cloth’s cutting and covering will be carried out in order. Then it comes to the final procedure for the manufacturing of the poker table, which is assembly.