Poker table

Poker table gallery
This is our exhibition room. Many featured poker tables are on display in this exhibition room, including, but not limited to, Baccarat gaming table, Texas poker table, blackjack table, Sic bo table and Roulette table. All the attributes, such as, style, dimension, material, wood color and texture may be customized to client’s exact specifications. Hanxin sincerely welcomes your creative design idea.

Roulette game table
Hello, everyone. This is Hanxin’s roulette table. This high-quality table is composed of two parts, the betting table and roulette wheel. The betting table in available in custom heights, and the main section is made of real leather, microfiber leather, or PU leather. In addition, wood material, texture, as well as its color may all be manufactured according to customers’ requirements. A flame-resistant board is also installed on the bottom part of table legs, allowing for enhanced safety. The roulette wheel is made of best-in-class wood, which is introduced from Brazil. Its surface is glazed, providing a better user feeling. The roulette wheel’s layout could either be of European style or US style. The model shown here has a length of 3 meters and a width of 1.5 meters, as well as a luxurious and beautiful appearance.

Caribbean stud poker table
Hello, everyone. This is Hanxin’s Caribbean stud poker table. It features a semicircle layout. When changing its tablecloth, the Caribbean stud poker table could also be used for other games, such as Baccarat, blackjack and Texas poker, etc. There are drink holders and poker chip slots installed at the edge of table, which could be modified according to customer’s requirements. The handles of the poker table are covered with real leather, providing a smooth feeling. Additionally, the Caribbean stud poker table’s feet features a flame-resistant material, which helps to ensure better safety and a “hollow out” design. A double-sided monitor screen is available from Hanxin, which helps to provide much convenience.